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[Collector's Item] Marisa's Acoustic Guitar - ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!

£5 000.00
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This is much acoustic guitar, Takamina - I know! So inventive 😂... I used this guitar to write the majority of 1st album songs, many of the 2nd album songs, and to track my demos before going into the studio! This was also the guitar I used all throughout the lockdown livestream gigs that we did.

I never thought I'd sell this guitar because she is my baby, but we've got a lot of things to pay for during our 2nd album release cycle and so I'm hoping that this will help to make a dent in that!

All profits will be used in finishing the album mastering, creating music videos, and promoting the release in full force!

If you're interested in the guitar and being a part of making album 2 FLY, then please feel free to message any questions you have about it.

Hoping Takamina can find a good home to go to! ❤️

Thank you for your support!

Love always, Marisa.

P.S. Happy to sign this for you, and don't worry - I'll give her a little refresh and trim those whiskers off for you before sending!

Case can be included if you want also!


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