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Please note: at the moment all of our orders are processed in batches. An order is put through once a month and from that point the production process can take between 4-6 weeks to come back to us, and in peak times this may be slightly longer. We always send clothes out as soon as we have them to send.
The reason we have to do this is to ensure that we only buy in what we need. We have many styles, colours and sizes available to choose from, but we do not have the funds to buy in the masses of stock that we would need to have for all of these things at the moment. Hopefully we will one day. :-)

Every single purchase helps us as a band and we really appreciate your support and your patience.

Thank you for your understanding.

P.S.  if any of you would like to show your support to us as a band but do not want any of the merch that we currently have on offer then you can still contribute if you want to through the link to our PayPal below. Thank you. :-)

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